Thursday, 23 April 2009

Word Soup: The Post Mortem

Well, our theme was RISK - chosen wisely, I think. Writing things down is risky enough, but standing in front of other people and reading your words out loud is down right terrifying. Or at least it is to me. (What if they laugh? What if they don't laugh?) When you're stood on that stage (tottering, actually - in too-expensive shoes meant to instil confidence on just such occasions) the room looks MASSIVE.

Thanks to a good-sized, friendly crowd that were more than patient during our little technical hitches (who knew laptops actually blew up?) we had a fantastic night, and will be back again with Soup II (Soup: The Return) on May 19th. Special mentions are owed to Cat Dunlop and Catherine Cable - who, newly graduated from one of Preston Writing Network's creative writing courses, wowed the room with stories of revenge. I'll never look at a washine machine the same way.

For coverage of the event, try Sarah Hymas at Litfest, who came, saw and approved. Or you can follow the twitter updates made by Ed and Liam (who didn't even tell me he was a very good writer himself) or live blog coverage by one of our new contributors, Mel Webster.

Photos to follow.

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  1. You say choose wisely. But what if it chooses you? What if you can't stop her from poking your ribs at night and whispering in your ear all day long, until you write something down. What then?