Friday, 17 April 2009

Lee Child hits Preston

The publication of a new Lee Child novel is always a high point on the literary calendar. One of the most familiar names the world over in the thriller genre, Child’s Jack Reacher books have sold over 16 million copies worldwide and has given him the rare distinction of being a double number one best-selling author simultaneously in the UK and the US markets.

In an exclusive event on the date of publication itself for his new Jack Reacher novel, Gone Tomorrow, Lee Child will be giving a talk at Preston’s County Hall on 23 April, 18:45.

This will be Lee’s only event in the North West and guests are already travelling the length and breadth of the region to attend this not to be missed event, the latest in a line of high-profile events brought about by a collaboration between award winning independent bookshop, SilverDell, and the Lancashire County Library and Information Service.

Jake Hope of the library service says Fans of the series and new readers alike are in for a nail-biting treat when they meet the man behind some of the best read books of recent years’.

Andy Martin, literary critic with ‘The Independent’ states: He follows in the great Philip Marlowe pulp tradition, nuanced with a dash of Rambo and Bruce Willis… Reacher is a moody, modern outsider figure, one of the great anti-heroes… a liberal intellectual with machismo, and arms the size of Popeye’s.’

Lee Child was born in Coventry in 1954 and grew up in Birmingham. He studied Law at Sheffield University and worked for Granada Television as a presentation director for eighteen years, until he lost his job at the age of 40 as a result of corporate restructuring. Always a voracious reader, he decided to see an opportunity where others might have seen a crisis, spent a few pounds on paper and pencils and sat down to write Killing Floor, the first in the Jack Reacher series. When Killing Floor was published, he moved his family to the United States. He now divides his time between New York and the South of France.

Explaining the appeal of Jack Reacher, Child states: ‘He’s whatever the opposite of metrosexual is. He’s post everything. He’s post-politically correct, post-feminist, post-macho. He wouldn’t recognise a gym if you showed him one, but he just is what he is, a big strong man who will do to you what you deserve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, he’ll help you, or he’s just as likely to kill you if you deserve it.’

Tickets for the unique event are available through SilverDell bookshop, tel 01772 683444.

And, you'll be pleased to hear, PWN has managed to convince the organisers of this event to let her in with her laptop. If WiFi and technology co-operate, she'll be live tweeting the event for all of you bookworms who can't make it in person. Search for #gonetomorrow on the afternoon itself, or afterwards.

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