Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Preston Bloggers Meet Up

This is an impromptu re-post from Prestonblog, who is working in partnership with PrestonWN to put the night together.

We're interested in getting Preston bloggers together, taking about favourite blogs and blogging styles, meeting the faces behind the blogs we love, and throwing ideas around for ways to take it forward. A Blog Festival? Blog Awards?

Please register your interest with him or us and we will keep you posted as arrangements for dates and times progresses.

The aim is to have an event that anyone who blogs in Preston (and the surrounding area) can come to, meet other bloggers, or if you’re interested in setting up a blog you can come and find out more about it from established bloggers. You don’t have to blog about Preston to come along.

As you can see from the list on the right hand side of this blog Preston has a reasonably good blogging scene, there’s plenty of blogs out there and with tools such as Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress it’s never been easier to set up your own blog.

The format for the evening would be chilled out, networking, with a short presentation by a pro-blogger about a particular topic - we’d probably kick off with something like ‘How to start up a successful blog’ and then a Q&A session. We might also have a ’surgery session’ where more experienced bloggers have a laptop on hand to talk through issues that people might be having. Mid-May is looking likely for something to happen.

We’re looking at the New Continental pub’s Snug area as a venue, it comfortably takes 30+ people, has wireless access that managed to handle Preston Tweetup.

If you’re interested, or have any ideas about the event then drop a comment below or email We would of course have a Twitter hashtag, probably #prestonbloggers for anyone who couldn’t make it but wanted to know what was going on.


  1. this is something that would interest me

  2. Watch this space - the more the merrier!

  3. Could someone please add me to the list of writers on the right-hand side of the page? My blog is and I live between Plungington Road and Garstang Road. Cheers.