Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Flax 019: for bloggers

After the success of PrestonBlog's and PrestonWN's joint Preston Bloggers' Meetup (much of a mouthful?) we know there are plenty of bloggers busy typing away across the city. Which is why we're so excited to present this new opportunity from Flax, the publishing arm of Lancaster Litfest.

If you write a blog, and you fancy submitting your creative non-fiction to a growing local publisher specialising in NW writing, digital anthologies and a host of networking and career development opportunities, click here for details of Flax's latest call for submissions. (scroll down a wee bit for Flax 19)

Word Soup reader and North West blogger Annie Clarkson has already selected her favourite North West bloggers. It would be great to see someone from Preston make that list.

Who would you nominate?

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