Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Submission Guidelines

PWN wants to hear from you. If you have a Preston and district based blog, website, organisation or group you'd like us to feature, let us know.

If you are a reviewer, feature writer, arts or literature professional and you'd like to write for us, start by reading our previous posts so you get a feel for the kind of things we like, and then send us an email. All we ask is that you keep it short and to the point, include your links, attach photographs if you can, and enclose your contact details.

If you're planning a writing related event (and we include drama, script and screen writing, journalism, creative writing, poetry and just about anything else word-related under that umbrella) and you want us to help you publicise it - drop us a line.

If you're a photographer or artist and have Preston related work you'd like to see showcased on our blog, please let us know. Our preference is for urban rather than rural (think traffic jam on Friargate/brawl outside the Dog and Partridge rather than sunset over Howick) but email us a link and we'll take a look at anything.

We're waiting for your words/compliments and complaints at:

prestonwritingnetwork (at) gmail.com


  1. Actually, we can have some quite edgy sunsets over Howick

  2. The Sun can brawl to, you know.