Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Call for Writers: Preston Tringe

A fringe festival with innovative theatre, mixed with comedy, improvisation, music and dance. We’re talking about Edinburgh aren’t we? Or maybe Brighton? Buxton?

No, we’re talking about 27th - 30th July in Preston, as Screaming Theatre plan to launch the inaugural Preston Tringe.

With months still to go until the launch plenty of interest is already being shown in the event. Screaming Theatre directors Becky Edgington, 29 and Sam Buist, 26 are getting excited.

"Some of the ideas the groups have are really exciting, we’ve had people talking about Shakespeare adaptations, new plays, musicals and lots of other ideas, we can’t wait!” said Becky.

“A number of university theatre companies and independent companies from Lancashire and beyond have shown an interest in being a part of this exciting venture” according to Sam.

In an interview with the BBC, Sam spoke of his aims for the festival: 'Ultimately we want these to create a psyche where people from Preston and outside look at Preston as a city where there are great opportunities to be creative and innovative with little financial obstacles."

PWN spoke to Sam, and asked him about the thinking behind the Tringe, and about what opportunities there are for writers to get involved at this early stage.“We want artists to feel that they can come, take risks, and give new artists the opportunity to have their work produced, but there isn’t a specific type of Tringe production it’s variety we’re after” says Sam.

"The main focus of the Preston Tringe is to create accessibility for artists across Preston and the North-West, this includes writers. Our range of venues gives a variety of writers the opportunity to have their work performed.

Some venues are suitable for playwrights to have their work produced at low costs, while we also have smaller venues which may be more appropriate for other forms of literature (e.g. performed poetry and live-lit events). There is no limit on the type of event that people can apply to do.

We're always looking to widen the coverage of the Tringe, so if there are any budding journalists, reviewers or bloggers out there then please come forward. Who knows, there may be people out there who would like to create a Tringe magazine or blog".

Preston playwrights, sketch-writers, bloggers, and journalists:

email or visit the Tringe Website.

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