Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Word Soup #2

The second Word Soup event was held last night at the New Continental and for those of you unfortunate enough to have been elsewhere, here's a roundup of the night...

Dave Hartley who blogs here and is currently attempting the mammoth feat of writing a short story a week for a year, read a new story especially for us on the theme of the night which was SKIN.

(Annie Clarkson reading from Winter Hands. Photo by James Brunton)

Special mention has to go to Preston Writing Network contributor and my personal highlight of the night, Richard Hirst, who read a post modern letter to an imaginary giant millipede. I could write that it was very funny (which obviously I just have) but it's a bit of a beige thing to write and doesn't do justice to Mr Hirst or his giant millipede. So why not have a look at it yourself right here.

Jenn (and her lovely skirt that I secretly want to steal) introducing the next reader. Photo by James Brunton)

After a break and music from Mr and Mrs (more of them later) Manchester writer, Annie Clarkson, read some powerful poetry from her collection, Winter Hands.

Andrew Hurley won the "most tenuous link to the theme" prize for the night with a passing reference to dinosaurs in his reading from his collection, The Unusual Death of Julie Christie. The passage described the dynamic between a couple at the start of their relationship and his new girlfriend's growing bond with his son. Andrew is a confident public reader and I think he made a great impression at the event.

And finally was Emma Lannie who came all the way from Derby and read Proxy, a slowly building, increasingly disturbing story that one member of the audience described as 'kind of erotic, creepy and depressing at the same time.'

(Mr and Mrs. Photo by James Brunton)

Then just before the drinking, socialising and general after show scandal which I can not possibly tell you about here there was more music from the rather talented and rather more intense, Mr and Mrs. Think Bright Eyes but with a small plastic keyboard that you play like a recorder or alternatively, make up your own mind and listen to them right here!

The next event is on the 23rd of June and is going to be a poetry slam.

Find more photos from the event here!

Find out about James Brunton who took all the great photos of the night here.


  1. I really enjoyed the night, which (perhaps due to more subdued lighting, or the darkly despairing humour of Mr and Mrs) felt more relaxed and less nervous than Word Soup 1.

    Each contribution found some poignant point of truth that got me nodding in recognition, but the star of the night had to be Emma Lannie, whose contribution tested the limits of the interface between our bodies, our emotions and our technology.

    Great value for money, and a thought provoking night. Thankyou.

  2. Really sorry that I could not make it. BUT the next one seems like it could be belting, so here's to it!

  3. I really enjoyed this week's word soup. I'm a creative writing student at the local university and it is really inspiring to come to these events. I've been to both so far and look forward to the next one. It will certainly keep me writing over the Summer.

  4. Word Soup 2 was a perfect evening. Sublime mixture of nicely read lovely/funny/unnerving stories and poems and don't-you-dare-fall-asleep tunes.
    And agreeable people to talk to.
    And retail therapy opportunities.
    PWN Howick salutes you.

  5. Would have loved to come as really enjoyed the first one... but I was in Rome... I know... the pain and suffering of it all ;-)